Sunday, August 30, 2015

Student of Rashid Gangoi saves the prophet from falling into the hell fire

As Muslims we all know we will be made to cross the sirat, the bridge over hell, look at what a student of Mawlana Rashid Ahmad Gangohi said,

"I saw in a dream the Messenger of Allaah (Sallalahu Alayhee Wasallam) took me to the bridge of sirat and I saw the Messenger of Allaah (Sallalahu Alayhee Wasallam) was falling over the bridge so I saved him." (Balagahtul Khairan pg.15) of Mawlana Hussain Ali of Bicharan from the district of Mianwali, Punjab Pakistan)

I have only one thing to say. All those who share posts after posts, views and papers after papers against salafiyyah and salafis every other day, how many times have they spoken against such ridiculous and at times even blasphemous MUTAWATIR ( repeat : Mutawatir) reports from the senior (repeat senior) heads of deobandh?! 

If someone says similar karamati narrations are present in the books of the salaf then i say so what? we never use those narrations to boast about Ibn Taymiyyah. Ibn Taymiyyah's students have reported so many karamat about him, when did you see the overwhelming majority of ahl al-hadeeth use these karamat as a tool of his superiority and spirituality and virtue?! We don't rely on these karamat to establish someone's importance in academia. Nor we do we share and spread these in the people or daily 5 times reading book " fadhail e amal". No one reads those Karamati books of salaf everyday or stipulates they be taught to the awaam every day the way deobandhi books are. 

Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Dead Deobandhi imam join the debates

The author of Sawaanih Qaasmi mentions a story that:

“A Barelwi Scholar and a Deobandi Student of Knowledge agreed to have a debate. The deobandi Student of knowledge dilly-dally promised to have the debate. The date, topic, and place were all decided. Maulaana Waa’iz Sahab entered the gathering with a bundle of books with his disciples, wearing a long and attractive Turban, and on the other side, the Deobandi Imaam, scarcely, appeared in front of them with a dim, weak, and Miskeen face, Miskeen voice, and with a frightened look. The thing to hear is what this Deobandi Imaam said after observing. He said: ‘I sat in front of Maulaana Waa’iz Sahab. The discussion hadn’t started yet that I felt in my arm that a strange person whom I don’t know has come and sat along with me, and that strange person that appeared suddenly, said to me, ‘Start the discussion and do not feel scared’, this gave me the feeling of an unordinary strength to my heart, what happened after that, listen to it in the words of that Deobandi Imaam

Some words were coming out of my mouth and they were coming as such that even I didn’t know what I am speaking, to which Maulaana Waa’iz, in the beginning, gave answers, but the question & answer session hadn’t stretched out yet that I see Maulaana Waa’iz standing up from his seat and he starts crying out while laying his head in my feet. His turban is all messed up and keeps on saying, ‘I didn’t know that you are such a big Scholar, please forgive me, whatever you are saying is correct and right, I was on mistake’. This scene was very surprising for the crowd, as they came thinking something and they end up seeing something else’. That Deobandi Imaam said I don’t know where that personality, that appeared suddenly, had gone after that and he didn’t know who that person was and what was up with him? 

Well, the incidence ended here, the Muslims of the district were already the supporters of Deobandi Imaam Sahab, and this incidence gave even more abundance to his followers and this caused the increase in the comfort and relieve of Deobandi Imaam Sahab.

Shaikh ul-Hind said that I asked that Deobandi Imaam Sahab to describe me the look of the person which disappeared after a sudden appearance. He (“Shaikh ul-Hind”) said, as he was describing him to me, the image of Hadhrat al-Ustaad (Qaasim Naanotwi) was keep on coming in my mind. When he finished describing him, so I said to him, this was Hadhrat al-Ustaad rahimahullah (Nanotwi), who came to help you from Allaah”

[Ref: Sawaanih Qaasmi: 1/331]

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

No need to upload your resume on

Ashraf ali thanvi (once again yes) narrates a story of a man who after the death of his peer, went to his grave and said i am troubled and struggling to find food please help me and bestow some grace on me. So thereafter everyday he used to get some money (as per their currency and time) from the grave and ashraf ali thanvi clarifies that this is a karamat of the awliyah

[Ref: imdadul mushtaaq, page 117, fakhra 290]

Jalaluddin Rumi's Sex in the city

Another amazing wali of the Deobandhi Akabireen :

The wife of Jallaluddin Ar Rumi thought that his sexual desire had diminished. Jallaluddin Rumi came to know about her suspicion in a special trance of revelation (KASHF). That night he went to his wife and had sex with her 70 times. So much so that she started asking for forgiveness for her thoughts.

[Manaqib al Arifin, p.70, by Shamsuddin Aflaki]

For more info on this superb wali of Deobandhi akbireen, see:

Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Majzoob who called himself rabbul alameen

This book arwah thalaathah aka Hikayate awliyah (or lessons and morals from awliyah) is a deobandi book enlisting lessons from the "awliyah " as per the deobandhi akabireen. . In summary this story contains a story about a 'majzoob' who used to call himself "Rabbul `Alameen (Lord of the worlds)"  The following passage from a lengthy story  is translated to show who the awliyah are for the deobandhi akabireen. 

Note: there are very ultra local urdu words in this passage. I will try my best to translate them so as to retain the original meaning of the sentence. Anyone who wants word to word may refer to the Urdu screenshots. 

Khan sahab narrated that there was a "Majzoob" who lived in Rampur who used to call himself "Rabbul `Alameen". The house he stayed in furnished a very fine bed upon which was spread a very elegant bedsheet and he used to sit on his bed with utmost elegance. Near the head-rest of this bed was a chauki (something like a flat box or platform) upon which his praying mat was spread. Afront the bed were some sacks spread and everything in the room was placed in an organized manner and tidiness was ensured such that we wouldn't find a speck of dirt in the dwelling .  He used to adorn himself with the poshest of clothes and was very jolly.

His sermons used to be very mesmerising such that it dare not happen that his tongue slips or he mutters. But most of the times his sermons used to be meaningless and worthless (word unclear).  During his sermons he used to at times do "Foo Foo Shoo Shoo"  He had a servant with him and his house used to be closed all the time.  If someone would come and knock the door thrice and recieved no reply then he would return but if the "Majzoob" wanted to invite someone in then he would ask his servant to open the door and his servant would have the guest remove his shoes outside and then he would place it in the shoe rack

So this guest would then present himself in front of the Majzoob and would narrate his need . The Majzoob had a rule that he used to often say/do "foo foo shoo shoo" towards the right side, left side, top and bottom. 

It was famously attributed to him that once to commit suicide he stabbed himself due to which his intestines came out. Upon seeing this his sister started crying. So seeing his crying sister he re-placed his intestines back in and the wound got healed (instantly). 

Once me and my uncle (i.e paternal aunty's husband) went to the Majzooba and as per his habit, he started " Foo Foo and Shoo Shoo" and then he said that on such and such time rabbul `alameen (addressing himself) wanted to meet rabbul `alameen and such happened and such and such and such and then he opened showed us his stomach where we could see a (stitched sort of) line from his chest to his belly button which showed that he did open himself up . 

Sunday, December 21, 2014


A Book of Strange and Wonderful Tales and its Eminent Translator

Crocodiles have pearls in their ears; statues move and speak. The first English translation of a collection of Arab fantasy stories opens a window on to the imaginings of the medieval mind. Professor Malcolm Lyons has brought alive for the modern reader the gripping yarns in Tales of the Marvellous and News of the Strange. 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Prophet comes in the dream of Imdadullah makki taking the form of rashed gangoi

Hadhrat Haji Imdadullah Makki narrates how the prophet (s.a.w) came in his dream taking the form of rashid ahmad gangoi and when the prophet (s.a.w) was taking his leave, haji sahab questioned : " what we read about your description in the books was different but now you have taken the form of gangoi... why so?  when asked why so, he (s.a.w) said it's because he loved gangoi (and the bullocks continue) 

[Ref: (Ulema Deoband ke karamat aur waqiyat ,  Page No 57)]

Remember oh Muslims the prophet emphatically said that the shaytaan cannot take the prophet's actual form even in the dream but seems like rashid ahmad gangoi can .....