Tuesday, February 10, 2015

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Ashraf ali thanvi (once again yes) narrates a story of a man who after the death of his peer, went to his grave and said i am troubled and struggling to find food please help me and bestow some grace on me. So thereafter everyday he used to get some money (as per their currency and time) from the grave and ashraf ali thanvi clarifies that this is a karamat of the awliyah

[Ref: imdadul mushtaaq, page 117, fakhra 290]

Jalaluddin Rumi's Sex in the city

Another amazing wali of the Deobandhi Akabireen :

The wife of Jallaluddin Ar Rumi thought that his sexual desire had diminished. Jallaluddin Rumi came to know about her suspicion in a special trance of revelation (KASHF). That night he went to his wife and had sex with her 70 times. So much so that she started asking for forgiveness for her thoughts.

[Manaqib al Arifin, p.70, by Shamsuddin Aflaki]

For more info on this superb wali of Deobandhi akbireen, see: http://www.umm-ul-qura.org/info/user_pages/page.asp?art_id=87