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The Majzoob who called himself rabbul alameen

This book arwah thalaathah aka Hikayate awliyah (or lessons and morals from awliyah) is a deobandi book enlisting lessons from the "awliyah " as per the deobandhi akabireen. . In summary this story contains a story about a 'majzoob' who used to call himself "Rabbul `Alameen (Lord of the worlds)"  The following passage from a lengthy story  is translated to show who the awliyah are for the deobandhi akabireen. 

Note: there are very ultra local urdu words in this passage. I will try my best to translate them so as to retain the original meaning of the sentence. Anyone who wants word to word may refer to the Urdu screenshots. 

Khan sahab narrated that there was a "Majzoob" who lived in Rampur who used to call himself "Rabbul `Alameen". The house he stayed in furnished a very fine bed upon which was spread a very elegant bedsheet and he used to sit on his bed with utmost elegance. Near the head-rest of this bed was a chauki (something like a flat box or platform) upon which his praying mat was spread. Afront the bed were some sacks spread and everything in the room was placed in an organized manner and tidiness was ensured such that we wouldn't find a speck of dirt in the dwelling .  He used to adorn himself with the poshest of clothes and was very jolly.

His sermons used to be very mesmerising such that it dare not happen that his tongue slips or he mutters. But most of the times his sermons used to be meaningless and worthless (word unclear).  During his sermons he used to at times do "Foo Foo Shoo Shoo"  He had a servant with him and his house used to be closed all the time.  If someone would come and knock the door thrice and recieved no reply then he would return but if the "Majzoob" wanted to invite someone in then he would ask his servant to open the door and his servant would have the guest remove his shoes outside and then he would place it in the shoe rack

So this guest would then present himself in front of the Majzoob and would narrate his need . The Majzoob had a rule that he used to often say/do "foo foo shoo shoo" towards the right side, left side, top and bottom. 

It was famously attributed to him that once to commit suicide he stabbed himself due to which his intestines came out. Upon seeing this his sister started crying. So seeing his crying sister he re-placed his intestines back in and the wound got healed (instantly). 

Once me and my uncle (i.e paternal aunty's husband) went to the Majzooba and as per his habit, he started " Foo Foo and Shoo Shoo" and then he said that on such and such time rabbul `alameen (addressing himself) wanted to meet rabbul `alameen and such happened and such and such and such and then he opened showed us his stomach where we could see a (stitched sort of) line from his chest to his belly button which showed that he did open himself up . 

And then he said that again today since morning  rabbul `alameen desires to meet rabbul `alameen [words unclear] and then he removed a big knife from beneath his bed and he kept it on his neck and was about to cut himself but my uncle got up and stopped him, taking away his knife. And he (majzoob) then for a very long time kept saying 'Foo Shoo...." . When his enthusiasm was over he said 

"Return my knife, for that "state" which i was in has now passed. So my uncle returned the knife and he (Majzoob) said to my uncle not to disclose this to anyone and likewise told me the same thing too. 

Ever since that day i was so afraid from that scene that i never went back to him . 

This event occurred in the era of  Nawab Yusuf `Alee Khan . Thereafter this incident we shifted from Rampur . Then during the time of Nawab Qalb `Ali khan this incident of that Majzoob took place (yet again). The Majzoob told his servant that "Rabbul Alameen wants to meet Rabbul `Alameen and he wants to chop off his neck so if my head does not seperate from my body then seperate it ' and after saying this he went into prostration and chopped off his neck. 

The head seperated from the body but we don't know if it happened due to the majzoob's cutting or if the servant had seperated it but he was stagnant in the posture of prostration and all that was (i.e all that could be seen gushing out was) blood and the servant sitting in parallel kept swinging [probably the sufiana hymn mode was activated] so the people used to come, knock on the door but when it didn't open they returned back . For three days this continued until his neighbour ....

End quote

The story is lengthy but the point is that this book narrates the karamaat of people they consider as awliyah. As seen above the utter disgusting shaytaan of a man - who called himself lord of the worlds -  is taken to be among the awliyah by the deobandhi akabireen and no one writes a book refuting them the way it should be . Atleast they could have copied the Ahl al-hadeeth who refute anyone be it their own when they are wrong. Unfortunately, taqleed has a disease to play .  

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