Thursday, April 3, 2014

The uncle of Ashraf Ali thanvi wants his penis pulled out and anus fingered .....

The uncle (Mamu) of Ashraf `Ali thanvi was requested again and again to come give a lecture. To which he refused again and again so much so that the final time the uncle of ashraf ali thanvi said that he would agree to conduct a lecture only if the condition that he goes out naked to the market and has someone pull his penis from one end and anal finger him from the other end and call him " bharwa bharwa" [ a very bad abusive word in the urdu/hindi language which i have no idea how to translate] 

[Ref: Malfoozat hakeemil Ummat]

To be honest, i didn't  even know how to translate this . I mean I want to be just here so let me make an excuse for him. Maybe he wanted to show that the occurrence of him agreeing to give a lecture was as much possible as his hypothetically impossible condition coming true . But either ways, even if it were true, who talks like that? or gives an example like that to show his denial ? Plus this isn't the first time Deobandhi akabireen have used such language in an "islamic situation" 

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