Thursday, April 17, 2014

Gawth `Azam Jilaani can save the drowning ship merely by some sufi attention

The Gawth A’zam Al-Jilani can save a ship from drowning by Sufi meditation

P 46, in story n°18, Imdadullah writes: “One day, Hazrat Ghawth Al-A’zam was sitting with seven Awliya, he saw with his profound eyes that there was a ship that was closed to be drowned, and with courage and Tawajjuh Batini (he paid some kind of Sufi attention), he saved it from drowning.”

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there are many steven spielberg type stories attributed to Shaykh `Abdur Qaadir Jeelaani rahimahullah. He is free from these lies. I wonder, if these deobandhis ever went to debate Non Muslims against their illogical faith and creed, how would they respond if the non muslims asked them the same question? 

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