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Wahdatal Wajood literally means " one existence" this Hindu theory has been used by the sufis, shi`as and even the akabireen of the deobandh to propagate this disrespectful Kufr 

The above fatwa from dar al-uloom's official website states : 

Question : 

1) Is Allah (physically) present everywhere ?
2) Is allah (physically) present at all places at the same time? 
3) Is allah present IN everything? 

Answer by the reputed committee and scholars of Deobandh 

1) Yes
2) Yes
3) Yes and this is proven by Qur`an 

End quote 

So for them and Hindus their God is present in bathroom, in animals, in humans, etc. No more comments. even the most insane or sinning Muslim who is atleast aware of why islam is different from other religion would puke out hearing such a theory . And did you know what's more disgusting? the followers of this sect of deobandh, when they are refuted and informed about this blasphemy (yes blaphemy) they try every corner, every atom of energy to defend them, make excuses for them and the current modern day scholars, out of embaressment, humiliation and rejection, have resorted to defend their akabireen in another style, i.e by throwing ta`weelat (false interpretation) defending this theory . 

Ashraf `Ali thanvi rightly said : 

Most Muqalideen in general and even the Notables (Scholars)are so firm in Taqleed that when they hear about an Ayat or Hadees which contradicts the saying of their Mujtahid, then there is an unrest in their hearts. The idea of Refusing to acknowledge the Ayat and Hadith (which goes against their fiqh) first starts in their hearts, then they think of doing Ta’weel (interpretation). And no matter how impossible is it, and no matter how strong is the Daleel (evidence) of other party, and even if the Daleel of their Mujtahid is nothing but just a Qiyas, and even if they do not have energy or time for doing Ta’weel . Yet despite of all this they will do Ta’weel just for the sole purpose to prove their Madhab victorius. They (Muqalideen) are not ready to leave the Qawl (Fatwa) of their Mujtahid (scholar) and to act upon a evident saheeh hadith.

Now many brothers have written book, even dedicated whole websites and youtube channels, (may allah reward them for exposing this cult) exposing this theory of deobandh and sufis and shi`as. I will mention here a few examples below :

(please read points 6, 7 and 8)

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Al-Ghazali being with the Prophets on the night of Mi’raj

In “Imdad ul Mushta” p 95-96, story n° 181, it is written:

“It is told that on the night of Mi’raj, when Aan Hazrat (saw) met Hazrat Musa, Hazrat Musa ‘aley salam) asked: “How can your saying: “The scholars of my community are like the Prophets of Bani Israil” be true?” Hazrat Hujjat ul Islam Imam Al-Ghazali appeared and he said Salam with the addition of “wa Barakatuhu wa Maghfiratuhu” and others. Hazrat Musa (aley salam) asked: “Why do you use such long words in front of elders?” and Imam AlGhazali replied: “Allah only asked you: “What is this in your right hand O Musa?” and you gave such a long answer: “This is my stick, I lean on it, I conduct my beasts with it and it is also for other purposes.” Aan Hazrat (saw) said: “Be polite O Ghazali”

Ashraf Ali Thanvi wrote (justifying this blasphemy) :

in notes: “This must be the Kashf of a saint, and this Mi’raj in which this dialogue occurred appeared to him through Kashf, (this Mi’raj) in which the souls gathered and it is not the Mi’raj of the Prophet (saw) with his body…”


Ikhwaan, if this is not blasphemy i don't know what it. The reason i avoid commenting on posts it lest i harm the deobandhi reader by my anger. The deobandhis venerate such a person !! 

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The prophet was the chef of Imdaadullah, serving his guests

Ashraf `Ali Thanvi narrated regarding Aala hadhrat (makki) Sahab that one day Aala Hadhrat saw a dream that his brothers wife was cooking food for his guests. Meanwhile the prophet (s.a.w) comes and says (to her) : get up and go, you're not eligible to cook for Imdaadullah's guests. His guests are (respected) scholars for whom i shall cook

[Ref: Imdadullah Masaahaiq page 20]

See the love and respect of the sahaba for the messenger of Allah (s.a.w) :

Gawth `Azam Jilaani can save the drowning ship merely by some sufi attention

The Gawth A’zam Al-Jilani can save a ship from drowning by Sufi meditation

P 46, in story n°18, Imdadullah writes: “One day, Hazrat Ghawth Al-A’zam was sitting with seven Awliya, he saw with his profound eyes that there was a ship that was closed to be drowned, and with courage and Tawajjuh Batini (he paid some kind of Sufi attention), he saved it from drowning.”

Related fairy tale : 

there are many steven spielberg type stories attributed to Shaykh `Abdur Qaadir Jeelaani rahimahullah. He is free from these lies. I wonder, if these deobandhis ever went to debate Non Muslims against their illogical faith and creed, how would they respond if the non muslims asked them the same question? 

Qasim Nanotwi returns from the dead - Astala Vista Baby

Qasim Nanotwi coming back after death In “Arwah Ath-Thalathah” story n°247

it is written that a dispute occurred between Molvi Ahmad Hasan Sahib Amrohi and Molvi Fakhr ul Hasan Sahib Ganghohi, and Mahmud ul Hasan Deobandi took one side and entered the dispute, and this matter remained for a long time, so: “One morning after the prayer of Fajr, Maulana Rafi’ ud Din Sahib (rah) called Maulana Mahmud ul Hasan Sahib in his room (which is in Dar ul ‘Ulum Deoband) and Maulana came…the weather was very cold. Maulana Rafi’ud Din said: first look at my condition, and Maulana looked at his condition and he was wet (because of sweating), he said: The fact is that Maulana Nanotwi (rah) came with his physical body (Jasad ‘Unsuri) which made me sweat this much…and he asked Mahmud ul Hasan not to enter this dispute, so I called you only to tell you this. Maulana Mahmud ul Hasan said: Hazrat, I make Tawbah at your hand and after this I will not talk about this issue.

” Ashraf Ali Thanvi wrote in notes: “There can be two possibilities: one that it was a Mithali body which was resembling the physical (‘Unsuri) body, and the second possibility is that the soul did Tasarruf (some Sufi control) and prepared a physical (‘Unsuri) body.”


Via brother Aijaz Shaikh. 

The prophet descended from the heavens to act as an Accountant

The Prophet (saw) coming to Deoband In “Arwah Thalathah” story n° 440,

it is written: “Diwan Muhammad Yaseen (Marhum) who was a Khadim (servant) of Hazrat Nanotwi (rah) was famous for his aloud Zikr, and it was not possible that someone heard his Zikr and did not cry. He was doing Zikr with a very painful voice and was crying a lot…he said himself that once he was sitting under the northern dome of the mosque of Chathah and was busy in aloud Zikr, when Hazrat Nanotwi (rah) also sat outside the mosque in the northern side and started a Muraqabah (Sufi meditation) and his Tawajjuh (attention) was towards my heart. At this moment, I entered in a state and I saw while doing Zikr that a throne is descending from the sky, and Janab the Messenger of Allah (saw) is sitting on it, with the four caliphs also present in the four corners. And they left the throne and come in the mosque and they were very close to me, and Aan Hazrat (saw) asked one of the four caliphs: “Brother, call Maulana Muhammad Qasim” so he left and came with Maulana. Aan Hazrat (saw) said: “Maulana, give the Hisab (accounts, results) of the Madrasah” and he said: it is present, and he started the tell the Hisab, and he gave all the details of the Hisab. Hazrat (saw) became extremely happy and he said: “Right Maulana, now give me the permission to leave.” Hazrat said: As you wish…then the throne raised in the sky until it disappeared.”

Ashraf Ali Thanvi wrote: “This was a kind of Kashf and it was possible that the Tawajjuh (attention) of Maulana played a role in it, which is a kind of Tasarruf (Sufi control)…”


Cure from the sand of Yaqoob Nanotwi's grave

Cure from the sand of Ya’qub Nanotwi’s grave In “Arwah Thalathah” story n° 366,

it is written: “Molvi Mu’een ud Deen Sahib was the eldest son of Hazrat Maulana Muahmmad Ya’qub Sahib and he mentioned a Karamat of Hazrat Maulana (after he passed away): he said that once in Nanotah the fever of Jarah spread a lot, and whoever would take the sand at the grave of Maulana and attach it, would get better, and they would take so much sand that whenever we will put some, it would be finish almost at that time. I had put some (sand) many times, and once I went on the grave of Maulana Sahib and said: (this son was very bright) “This Karamat happened for you, but for us it is a problem, remember that now if anybody takes some, we would not put any sand, and you will remain like this, people will walk with their shoes on you like this” And after this day, it (sand) did not bring any good (to the health) and people stopped taking it.”


Via Aijaz Shaikh

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Mumtaz ul haq al-deobandhi the comedian

I happened to come across a post on the Hanafi fiqh facebook page []

Trust me , all the sensible people out there, don't wanna miss this one out.

Okay so their "shaykh" Mumtaz ul-Haq says :


"Pray as you have seen me praying..."
Many people use this hadeeth to cause confusion amongst muslims and criticise their prayer claiming it not to be the way Rasoolullah sallallaho alaihe wasallam used to pray, while the way they pray .."IS"..the way the prophet prayed.

The prophet sallallaho alaihe wasallam has been reported to have said as narrated in saheeh and authentic narrations,

صلوا كما رأيتموني أصلي: صحيح البخاري -

"Pray as .."you have seen me".. praying.." ( Bukhari ).

When we look closely at the hadeeth , it is clear that after the sahaabah , "NOBODY" can act upon this hadeeth as it states.."pray as "you have seen me" praying, because nobody after the sahaabah ever saw Rasoolullah sallallaho alaihe wasallam praying. So after the sahaabah , the ONLY way to pray is and has always been to "pray the way people were.. "told".. that the prophet sallallaho alaihe wasallam used to pray " by the sahaabah.

Imam Bukhari rahimahullah has reported the above mentioned hadeeth but has not seen the prophet praying. He was born 184 years after the prophet sallallaho alaihe wasallam passed away. So if a person is simply going to pray, "not the way he actually saw the prophet praying "- as the hadeeth states , but the way he is told that the prophet used to pray, then by any reasonable logic, the most authentic method will be the one which was compiled closest to the time of the prophet sallallaho alaihe wasallam. Imam Abu Hanifah rahimahullah was born and lived a hundred years earlier than Imam Bukhari. While Imam Bukhari rahimahullah has to rely on a chain consisting in many cases of five , six links or narrators, Imam Abu Hanifah rahimahullah had the good fortune of seeing some of the sahaabah and many famous , prominent and learned tabi'eens. So his reports consist of only two links between him and Rasoolullah sallallaho alaihe wasallam; namely the tabi'eens and the sahaabah.

So if a person can "only " pray the way he has been told about the prayer of the prophet sallallaho alaihe wasallam and one has to rely upon scholars and people do, so if one can rely upon Imam Bukhari or Sheikh Albani or anybody else who lived many hundreds of years after the prophet , then surely one can rely even more upon the "Al-Imam-Al-A'zam", the greatest of imams , whose era was the closest to the prophet sallallaho alaihe wasallam and who lived a hundred years closer to the time of the prophet than even Imam Bukhari.

By Shaykh Mumtaz ul Haq

End Quote


more than approx 100 likes and 36 shares . The deobandhis seem really desperate to use this new tantrum to prove their praying style to be right

A moment of silence so as to offer our deepest condolences to Shaykh Mumtaz ul-Haq for his brain loss. Absolutely brilliant deduction from that hadeeth i must say. This post of their doesn't even need a refutation or clarification.  I mean how far can they go to simply justify their fiqh or taqleed? since when did the senior (actual not imposter deobandhi) hanfi scholars ever deduce such a disastrous ta`weel for this hadeeth ? 

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The uncle of Ashraf Ali thanvi wants his penis pulled out and anus fingered .....

The uncle (Mamu) of Ashraf `Ali thanvi was requested again and again to come give a lecture. To which he refused again and again so much so that the final time the uncle of ashraf ali thanvi said that he would agree to conduct a lecture only if the condition that he goes out naked to the market and has someone pull his penis from one end and anal finger him from the other end and call him " bharwa bharwa" [ a very bad abusive word in the urdu/hindi language which i have no idea how to translate] 

[Ref: Malfoozat hakeemil Ummat]

To be honest, i didn't  even know how to translate this . I mean I want to be just here so let me make an excuse for him. Maybe he wanted to show that the occurrence of him agreeing to give a lecture was as much possible as his hypothetically impossible condition coming true . But either ways, even if it were true, who talks like that? or gives an example like that to show his denial ? Plus this isn't the first time Deobandhi akabireen have used such language in an "islamic situation" 

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Deobandhi Maulvi Rashid Gangohis fanboys said his pen is writing above and beyond Allah's arsh

 “during the era his opposers (ie Rashid Ahmad Gangohis) were causing commotion concerning the issue of Imkaan al-Kadhib (the possibility of Allaah lying) and issued a legal edict of his takfir. In a gathering of Sian (a reverend saint) Tawakul Shah Anbalwi a moulvi mentioned the divine and holy Imams name and said he believed that Allaah could lie. On hearing this Sian Tawakul Shah lowered his head an began to meditate (in a trance) for a while and then lifted his head and said  in punjabi, “What are you people saying!!! I am seeing the pen of Maulana Rashid Ahmad (Gangohi) writing above and beyond the (Allaahs) Arsh .” (Tazkirah ut-Rashid (2/322) (this was the outcome of his meditation)