Friday, March 21, 2014

Karamaat 3 - Deobandhi Ustadh able to resurrect a dead cooked chicken

One of the students of Anwar Shah Kashmiri deobandhi writes one such incident in Faizul Baari if a student of knowledge who happened to study under some ustadh. One day his mother seem to visit the madrasah and in astonishment saw how the ustadh ate chicken whereas her son was feeding on raw Pearl Millet (bajre ki roti) without any curry. Stunned by witnessing this, she sarcastically questioned the ustadh how he was enjoying his chicken whereas he left her son - the student of knowledge - eating raw flour roti. Thereupon the Ustadh replied addressing the dead bones of the chicken saying : Qum bi`idhnillah (wake up/get up by the permission of Allah) and the chicken was alive and then the ustadh informed the mother : " Your son can eat it  the day he is capable of resurrecting a cooked chicken (like how i have done). We too used to eat what he is eating during our days of learning ".   

[Ref: Faizul Baari, Volume 2, Page 61] 

Last i checked, only prophets like `Isa (`alayhis salaam) gave such commands by the will of allah for giving life to the dead . 

Imdb rating : -100/10 

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