Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Dead Deobandhi imam join the debates

The author of Sawaanih Qaasmi mentions a story that:

“A Barelwi Scholar and a Deobandi Student of Knowledge agreed to have a debate. The deobandi Student of knowledge dilly-dally promised to have the debate. The date, topic, and place were all decided. Maulaana Waa’iz Sahab entered the gathering with a bundle of books with his disciples, wearing a long and attractive Turban, and on the other side, the Deobandi Imaam, scarcely, appeared in front of them with a dim, weak, and Miskeen face, Miskeen voice, and with a frightened look. The thing to hear is what this Deobandi Imaam said after observing. He said: ‘I sat in front of Maulaana Waa’iz Sahab. The discussion hadn’t started yet that I felt in my arm that a strange person whom I don’t know has come and sat along with me, and that strange person that appeared suddenly, said to me, ‘Start the discussion and do not feel scared’, this gave me the feeling of an unordinary strength to my heart, what happened after that, listen to it in the words of that Deobandi Imaam

Some words were coming out of my mouth and they were coming as such that even I didn’t know what I am speaking, to which Maulaana Waa’iz, in the beginning, gave answers, but the question & answer session hadn’t stretched out yet that I see Maulaana Waa’iz standing up from his seat and he starts crying out while laying his head in my feet. His turban is all messed up and keeps on saying, ‘I didn’t know that you are such a big Scholar, please forgive me, whatever you are saying is correct and right, I was on mistake’. This scene was very surprising for the crowd, as they came thinking something and they end up seeing something else’. That Deobandi Imaam said I don’t know where that personality, that appeared suddenly, had gone after that and he didn’t know who that person was and what was up with him? 

Well, the incidence ended here, the Muslims of the district were already the supporters of Deobandi Imaam Sahab, and this incidence gave even more abundance to his followers and this caused the increase in the comfort and relieve of Deobandi Imaam Sahab.

Shaikh ul-Hind said that I asked that Deobandi Imaam Sahab to describe me the look of the person which disappeared after a sudden appearance. He (“Shaikh ul-Hind”) said, as he was describing him to me, the image of Hadhrat al-Ustaad (Qaasim Naanotwi) was keep on coming in my mind. When he finished describing him, so I said to him, this was Hadhrat al-Ustaad rahimahullah (Nanotwi), who came to help you from Allaah”

[Ref: Sawaanih Qaasmi: 1/331]

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  1. Make sure you have screen shot attached to the above, people believe that its a cooked up stories not from actual Deoband.