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Karamaat 5 - The prophet gave two hair strands from his beard in a dream

Shah Sahab delivers a saying that : " My father informed me that once he fell sick , so he received the honor of visiting the prophet (s.a.w) in his dream. The prophet (s.a.w) said: " My son, how are you? " after this the prophet foretold my father's well being and granted two blessed hairs from his blessed beard. I was cured there and then and when i opened my eyes i had both the strands of hair in my hand. " Shah sahab further says that his father granted him one of those blessed hair strands. 

[Ref: Fadhail Durood Shareef Hikaayat 48] 

Imdb : 5.6/10 

Karamaat 4 - Deobandhi peer lifts the dying ship , saves the day

Maulaana Ashraf Ali Thanvi narrates from Maulvi Nidhaam ud-Deen Karaanwi, and he narrates from Maulvi Abdullah Haraaqi that a very trustworthy person Walaaiti said that: One of my Friends, who had given allegiance (Bayt) to Baqiyyat us-Salaf Hujjat ul-Khalaf Qaduwwat us-Saalikeen Zubdat ul-Arifeen Shaikh ul-Kul fil Kul Hadhrat Maulaana Haaji Imdaadullaah Saahib Chishti Saabri Thaanvi al-Makki rahimahullah, went to Khana Ka’bah for Hajj. He departed on a ship from Mumbai (India). The ship, on its way, got struck, and it was very close that it would drown in the sea, or it might demolish into pieces with another strike. When he saw that there is no other way except dying, he thought of his Peer and said what else would be the best time of Imdaad than this. Allaah Ta’aala is the absolute Hearer and Observer of all things. Immediately, their Ship got out of the water and all the people were saved.

This incidence occurred here and on the other day “the Patron of the mankind” [Imdaadullaah] told his servant to massage his back as it hurts very terribly. As the servant lifted his shirt while massaging, he saw that his back is awfully wounded and the skin is peeled away from most of the places.

“Hadhrat what’s the matter, why is your back wounded?” asked the servant. “Nothing”, replied Peer Sahab [Imdaadullah]. He asked again, but he remained silent. “Hadhrat, I think your skin got abraded from somewhere, whereas you did not even go anywhere”, asked the servant again for the third time. Hadhrat replies: “A ship was about to drown, in which one of your Brothers in Deen and Silsilah was also present; his cry for help made me upset, so I lifted the ship while giving it the support of my back, I went ahead [with the ship] and the people were saved, this is how my back might have been wounded and this is why I feel pain, but do not mention this to anyone.”

[Karamaat-e-Imdaadiyaah Pg 36]

I am sure titanic regrets not having a silsilah on board 

IMDB : -200/10 

Karamaat 3 - Deobandhi Ustadh able to resurrect a dead cooked chicken

One of the students of Anwar Shah Kashmiri deobandhi writes one such incident in Faizul Baari if a student of knowledge who happened to study under some ustadh. One day his mother seem to visit the madrasah and in astonishment saw how the ustadh ate chicken whereas her son was feeding on raw Pearl Millet (bajre ki roti) without any curry. Stunned by witnessing this, she sarcastically questioned the ustadh how he was enjoying his chicken whereas he left her son - the student of knowledge - eating raw flour roti. Thereupon the Ustadh replied addressing the dead bones of the chicken saying : Qum bi`idhnillah (wake up/get up by the permission of Allah) and the chicken was alive and then the ustadh informed the mother : " Your son can eat it  the day he is capable of resurrecting a cooked chicken (like how i have done). We too used to eat what he is eating during our days of learning ".   

[Ref: Faizul Baari, Volume 2, Page 61] 

Last i checked, only prophets like `Isa (`alayhis salaam) gave such commands by the will of allah for giving life to the dead . 

Imdb rating : -100/10 

Karamaat 2 - Allah sends down a letter for his pious slave in the 21st century

zulnun misri narrates that he saw some youth bowing and prostrating with great zeal , upon inquiring the youth or one of them said " i am seeking permission from Allah" so within moments (Alladin's) paper sheet came down flying and it had written on it " this is a message from Allah to his pious and grateful slave that you may go back for i have forgiven all your sins" 

[Ref: Fadhail Hajj, Fasl 10, Allah waalo ke Qissay , Qissa number 15] 

Imdb : -10/10 

Karamaat no. 1 - The gaze of a Tableeghi on a pregnant woman could deliver a wali

tabish sahab writes that someone informed him that in the masjid of Maharashtra college (Bombay) once a jama`at came to conduct lessons/dars so this man also sat with this group . so the speaker started praising this blessed work of tableegh and what they do until he said " the virtue of this blessed work is such that even if the one who goes out in it's path and lays his eyes upon a pregnant woman then she will give birth to a WALI due to his seeing"

[Ref: Kitab mazkuraa page 18]

Imd (International Movie database) : -7/10